Transparent  Proxy

Redirect network traffic(TCP & UDP) to SOCKS5, HTTPS, Shadowsocks or Trojan proxy by Process, File Name, IP Address or Port.
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Remote DNS

Use Remote DNS with domain whitelist or blacklist, all or filterd DNS queries can be sent through proxy. This will help you avoid DNS pollution or DNS leaks.
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Network Blocker

Block network traffic that filter by Process, File Name, IP Address or Port.

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Web Mode

Web Mode can use PAC rules to divert traffic(HTTP & HTTPS) according to domain, enabling some websites to be accessed through a proxy and other websites to be accessed directly.
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Custom Plugins

Custom plugins allow you to easily implement custom encryption or obfuscation algorithms to protect your traffic. No need to care how the traffic is forwarded, just focus on your algorithm.
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Now we have an official plugin to support the Trojan protocol !


Win2Socks is a transparent proxy client for Windows, which makes it possible for most programs that do not support proxy access to the network to access the network through proxy.

Win2Socks mainly aims at enabling some programs that do not support proxy to access the network through proxy, including but are not limited to the following purposes: browse website by proxy, redirection of network traffics, games, network debugging, prohibition of program networking, etc..

Yes, you need to deploy proxy servers yourself or buy services from some proxy service providers. Win2Socks is just a client and does not provide any proxy servers.

Yes, Win2Socks support both TCP and UDP redirection. Full support for IPv4, and IPv6 is experimental.

Win2Socks support win7, win8.1, win10 all 64-bit system, 32-bit system not supported.

Please install all your system updates via Control Panel -> System and Security -> Windows Update, after all installed, reboot your system then retry Win2Socks, if it still not works properly, please contact us by email: [email protected].

Win7 users need to be aware that make sure patch KB4474419 is installed, otherwise the driver will not be able to load.

Please check your spam or trash folder, if you still can't find it, please contact us by email [email protected].

Npcap: Usually installed with the popular packet capture software Wireshark. The specific manifestation is that the program specified in the Win2Socks Rules cannot access the network, and the traffics of the program is not displayed in the Win2Socks Traffics view. Solution: Exit Wireshark, start the command line (CMD.exe) as administrator and execute the command: net stop npcap.


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